Hi! I’m Rebekah!

I graduated from two schools in Princeton, New Jersey and am currently pursuing a career in ministry. I have had this blog for a very long time, but it has remained inactive because I really didn’t/don’t know how to use it. At this stage in my life, I feel led to pay more attention to it.

My academic and professional interests include worship, systematic theology, and ministry with young women. My personal interests include practicing music, watching movies and series based on everything from police procedurals to historical fiction and telenovelas, learning about law, politics, and social science, and learning what it means to serve God as a single woman.

Disclaimer: I am still a student, and not a minister. Anything that I post here is part of my own learning process. I welcome healthy/professional critique and correction, but I am not yet in a place where my posts can bring spiritual growth or intellectual challenge to readers (I don’t think). Please consult scriptures directly as well as a licensed professional and, of course, the Holy Spirit for greater clarity and better explanations.

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